Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Captions reformatted. Boston City Council 12-2PM session, 4/26/2017

Captioning reformatted. Boston City Council 12-2PM session, 4/26/2017

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Welcome to our weekly city council meeting. Will you please call the

Councillor Baker. Councillor Campbell. Councillor Ciommo. Councillor
Essaibi-george. Councillor Flaherty. Councillor Jackson. Councillor
Lamattina. Councillor Linehan. Councillor Mccarthy. Councillor
O'Malley. Councillor Pressley. Councillor Wu.


Councillor Zach. Madam president, we have a forum.

Thank you. I'd like to invite Councillor Campbell that will introduce
our safe leader for the day. Please rise for the invocation and remain
standing after the invocation and Councillor Campbell will lead us in
the pledge of allegiance.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Today we welcome in iman talib. He's the resident iman in growth
hall. He was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, educated in
all Cambridge public schools. He earned an associates degree from
Roxbury community college and a bachelors degree from new hampshire
college. He made the pilgrimage to the mecca in 1980. In cairo, he
studied arabic and in the following year, he was on a delegation to
traveled to saudi arabia for the educational system. He participates
in several community organizations that represent a diverse population
such as the united way safe in action, cooperative metropolitan
ministries, the islamic council of new england and the muslim american
society northeast regional council. He's a happily married husband and
an extremely devoted father. Help me in welcoming iman talib.

Thank you. We always greet who we're talking to with the greetings
that we give in our tradition. Peace be with you. I want to thank with
the councillor, andrea campbell, for this invitation for meeting with
prayer. Let us pray. Our redeemer, the god, the lord, sustainer of all
the world, the merciful benefactor, redeemer, show us the safe way,
the way of whom you have disposed our blessings, not of those that
purge your wrath or nor those that go astray. In god's name, our lord
guide us. Bestow on us the gift of grace. You are the giver of
grace. We gather humanity together to witness the day about which
there's no doubt. Our lord, I ask you that you extend your hands of
mercy on this gathering, bless all of us with a spirit sustained upon
which that is true. Our lord, extend through this leadership body the
wisdom to carry out the mission and strengthen the purpose for the
betterment of humanity. Bless the council members with a vision of
justice and fairness that will be in honor of every citizen of the
commonwealth of Massachusetts and the united states of america. Our
lord bring their hearts together as they may act with a united body
without prejudice. Our lord strengthen commitment to you, to
ourselves, to our families, to our neighbors and neighborhoods, our
city and state. Our lord remove from us our weaknesses and take with
us the righteous. Grant us with that which you promise us through your
message of peace and save us from shame on judgment day. You never
break your promise. May got strengthen humanity and me.

I pledge allegiance.

Thank you, Councillor Campbell and iman. Before we get started with a
special presentation, I want to recognize a special group of visitors
led by ann schmaltz. They have brought a group of residents from
carlton village and interested in learning more about Boston. Welcome
and thank you for joining us.


Now I'm very pleased to invite up pauline to now continue
our annual tradition of celebrating jazz week right here in the city
council claim -- chamber. Pauline of the jazz council.

I just want to say we're very happy to be invited back to the council
chamber again this year to celebrate international jazz day with
you. The chamber is one of our favorite jazz venues because we have so
many good friends here. Starting with president wu who made history
when she invited us into the chamber for the first time in 2014. I
hope you enjoy the band we brought today. Mark is the -- is an
ancestor of charles sumner. This is the same music we played for you
four years ago and we're doing it again because the message is more
relevant today. Thank you very much for inviting us.


Thank you all very much. We want to present you with our official
resolution proclaiming jazz week in Boston. If all my colleagues will
come up, we'll do a quick photo with the band.

Thank you again, jazz Boston. As the band packs up, we'll move on to
formal business. Madam clerk mark that Councillor Pressley and
o'malley are here. We'll start with approval of the minutes. Any
changes or amendments or edits? Seeing and hearing known, the minutes
stand approved.

And then proceed with communications from his honor, the mayor.

Docket Number 0600. Message and order authorizing the city of Boston
to accept and extend the amount of $41,112 in the form of a grant to
be administered by the police department. The grant would fund cities
empowered sexual exploitation network phase 2 for law enforcement
interventions, technology and research.

0600 will be assigned to public safety and criminal justice.

Docket Number 0601. Message and order authorizing the city of Boston
to accept and extend the amount of $25,000 in the form of a grant
awarded by the patriot care corporation to be administered by the
police department to grant the purchase and installation of public
safety cameras and accompanying hardware.

Docket Number 0601 will be assigned to public safety and criminal

Docket Number 0602. Message and order authorizing the city of Boston
to accept for the benefit of Boston police department to accept
donated office furniture. It will be used to update the police station
which will facilitate the services for the benefits of the residents
of Boston.

Docket Number 0602, the chair recognizes Councillor Campbell.

Thank you, madam president. This is self-explanatory. I ask that we
suspend the rules to pass 0602. The combined jewish philanthropy
organization donated the furniture. The chairs, tables and a desk will
be used to update the police station.

Thank you, Councillor Campbell. Councillor Campbell moves for
suspension of the rules. All in favor say aye. All opposed say
ney. 0602 has been passed. Reports of public officers and
others. Madam clerk, if you can read all in the section.

Docket Number 0603. Notices received from the mayor of the appointment
of travis watson as a member of the Boston employment commission,
procurement firing August 13, 2018. Docket Number 0604, communication
was received from the Boston retirement board regarding fy-18 retiree
cost of living adjustment. Docket Number number 0605, communication
was received from the Boston retirement board regarding fy-18

Docket Numbers number 0603-0605 will be placed on file. Reports of

Docket Number 0512. The committee on ways and means to which was
referred on April 25, 2017. Docket Number 0512. Message and order
approving a supplemental appropriation of $21,200, provide funding
under the fy-17 for items in the collective bargaining agreement for
the city of Boston and the traffic school supervisor's
association. Submits a report recommending the order.

Chair recognizes the chairs of ways and means, color -- Councillor

Thank you, chair. We had katie hammer, our budget director. The school
traffic supervisors represent approximately 187 part time school
guards that are employed by the Boston police department. This
supplemental appropriation would cover a base salary increase of 1%
effective the first pay period in december in 2016 and 2017. A .5%
increase effective the first pay period in june of 18 and a 1.5
increase in September 2018. In addition, it allows employees to redeem
up to 30% of a crewed sick time and increases in the uniform
allowance. The committee recommends this order to pass.

Thank you, Councillor Ciommo. Councillor Ciommo moves for passage of
Docket Number 0512. All those in favor say aye. Any opposed say
ney. Docket Number 0512 has been passed.

Docket Number 0517. Committee on government operations which was
referred April 5, 2017. Docket Number 0517. An order approving a
petition for a special law regarding an act relative to the ownership
and occupancy deadline for residential property exemptions in the city
of Boston, submits a record recommending the petition to pass.

Chair recognizes Councillor Flaherty.

Please keep that in committee.

Thank you, councillor. Docket Number 0517 will remain in the committee
on government operations. Matters recently heard for possible
action. We'll do all the budget items together and give Councillor
Ciommo a chance to report back if he wishes and proceed. We'll just
read them into the record then.

All right. So Docket Number 0536. Orders for the fy-18 operating
budget including annual appropriations for the school department and
Docket Number 0543, an appropriation for other post employment
benefits, capital budget appropriations. 0536 through 0543. Excuse
me. Capital budget appropriations including loan orders and lease and
purchase agreements. Docket Number 0544. Message and order for your
approval, an ordinance authorizing certain revolving funds in
accordance we with provisions of general laws clapter 44, section 53
e.5 as amended by chapter 218 of the act of 2016. The municipal
modernization act. Docket Number 0545. Message and order authorizing
the law department revolving funds for fiscal year 2018 to purchase
goods and services for repairs to city property. This revolving fund
shall be funded by receipts from recovery, the damage to city property
caused by third parties. The law department will be the only unit
authorized to extend from the funds and such expenditures shall be
capped at $500,000. Docket Number 0546. A message and order for fiscal
year 2018 to facilitate purchase of offsets in greenhouse gas
emissions which hall be associated with a portion of the electricity
consumed be I the city annually as well as to operate and maintain the
city's existing solar facilities and to expand the city's generating
capacity. This revolving fund shall be credited with any and all
receipts in the sale of solar renewalable energy tickets. Receipts and
expenditures from this fund shall not exceed $250,000. Docket Number
0547, message and order authorizing limits of the mayor's office of
tourism revolving funds for fiscal year 2018 to purchase goods and
services to support events and programming on and around city hall
plaza to advance tourism and promote the participation in public
celebrations civic and cultural events, which revolving funds shall be
used for the use of city hall projects pursuant to the code ordinance
11.14. The office of tourism will be the only unit authorized to
expend from this fund. That shall be capped at $150,000. Message and
order authorizing a limit of the mayor's office of arts and cultural
revolving funds for fiscal year 2018 to purchase good and services to
support public arts and to enhance arts throughout the city hoff
Boston. This shall be funded by receipts from easements. The mayor's
office will be the only unit authorized to extend from this fund and
such expenditures shall be capped at $150,000. The revolving fund for
fiscal year to purchase goods and services to support the operation of
the strand theater. The revolving funds shall be used by rental fees
for the use of the strand theater. The major's office will be the only
unit to authorize to extend from the funds and such expenditures shall
be capped at $150,000. Docket Number 0560. Message and order
authorizing a limit of the environment department of revolving funds
for fiscal year 2017 to facilitate the purchase of offsets of
greenhouse gas emissions which shall be associated with a portion of
electricity consumed by the city annually as well as to operate and
maintain the total facility and to expand the city's generating
capacity. This revolving fund shall be credited with any and all
receipts to the sale of solar renewable energy certificates produced
by the city's solar arrays. The sum shall not exceed $250,000.

Thank you, madam clerk. Docket Numbers 0536-0543 as well as 0544
through 0560 will remain in the committee on ways and means.

Docket Number 0566. Order approving a petition for a special law
regarding and act protecting sunlight and promoting economic
development in the city of Boston.

Chair recognizes the chair of the committee on government
operations. Councillor Flaherty.

Thank you. Docket Number 0566 is a petition sponsored by bill
linehan. This proposal seeks to provide an exemption for the proposed
site. We had close to a seven-hour hearing Monday night. Special
mention to Councillor Essaibi-george for doing the marathon and
proposing that matter out. The petition if approved would be for the
allowance to eliminate the shadow bank for developments and extend
shadow protections for coffee square. I recommend this bill
pass. Thank you.

Thank you, Councillor Flaherty. Councillor Linehan, you have the

Thank you, madam president. I just want to thank Councillor Flaherty
as the chairman. It was a seven-hour marathon of which many of us
spent four or five hours at. I want to thank all of my colleagues. I
want to thank the administration and I want to be an advocate and a
proponent of the project. Because it was truly the contribution by
all. I beg your indulgence to take a little extra time here. Since we
began this project -- this process nearly two years ago, the city
council has worked closely with the Boston planning and development
agency in order to guarantee our residents are getting the best deal
forward. I'm confident this he be one of the strongest deals drafted
for the city of Boston. This is a real value to Boston. Prior to the
garage being condemned, the garage operated privately and generated
$1.8 million for the Boston public -- Boston housing authority. In
recent years, the garage has been an eye sore where elicit illegal
unsavory activities have occurred. It's been a drag on the
revitalization of downtown. Now this asset can be used to generate
positive improvements to so many important places throughout
Boston. The city will receive $153 million from the sale once fully
realized, which mayor walsh has proposed investing back into public
housing in south Boston and east Boston as well as significant
investments over $60 million to the Boston common, franklin park. In
addition to the money from the sale, the development will generate $12
million annually. That's $10 million a year more than it was
generating as a garage. It will eliminate that ugly
garage. Additionally, this development will invest in affordable
housing and neighboring china town as well as funding for workhorse
training programs, plus the public realm in the downtown neighborhood
who will get an infusion of resource and improvements which are
imperative to the continued revitalization of downtown. Today I ask
you to support this petition that will move the development closer to
realization. Winthrop square garage has been in much disrepair. This
petition will allow us not to improve but to maximize the impact it
can have on downtown, on green space, on public housing and jobs for
all of Boston. While we admire and appreciate the advocacy regarding
amending the 1990 state shadow law. As elected officials, we take this
responsibility seriously and we are and have been the stewards of all
public spaces and places. Fully understand that this development will
be good for Boston and infuse millions of dollars. This potential law
change is an enhancement going forward. On the common, on the worse
days, the early morning shadow be off the common by 9:30 and less than
that on the public eye. If the tower was located in the midtown
cultural district, we would not have to amend the legislation. The
shadow wall would be okay by law. But it's better that we are changing
it to further protect green spaces going forward, including the
square. To eliminate further impacts, this eliminates the further
shadows. The petition requires the Boston planning and development
agency to do a comprehensive downtown planning study which will shape
the future sky line. The economic impact of this project will exceed a
billion dollars when it's through fruition. 10,000 jobs, temporary and
permanent, and continue building residential density, which is
important today for the downtown. I want to thank each and every one
of you for your role in this effort and for the green
advocacy. Together we made it a better petition, and we'll realize the
maximum benefit from this decaying city asset for the future of our
city. Thank you.

Thank you, Councillor Linehan. Councillor Zakim, you have the floor.

Thank you, Councillor Linehan. I disagree with a few of your words,
which is not unprecedented for us. But I want to talk about why I am
going to be voting against this. I want to start off by saying I don't
doubt anyone's good motives. All 13 of us I think asked awful
questions at the hearing yesterday. At least in the three-plus years
that I've been there, which shows the interest across the city, across
the region amongst the people sitting around the chamber right
now. All of the causes, affordable housing development, green space,
parks, the Boston commons, everywhere this money has been earmarked
are worthy causes. They're important. But the fact that we've been
pitting neighbors against neighbors, park against park, people in this
city who all care about the same things against each other, there's a
major flaw in this process. Instead of fighting for a little piece
here, a little piece there, it's our obligation to looking to expand
the pie so we all get a bigger piece of the pie. We need to be
advocating for more of these important resources on a daily basis and
looking at the way it impacts us today and into the future. I think
the fact that this is sort of -- was discussed at the hearing
yesterday, the process has seemed tangled. Bits and pieces of
information coming out has made it difficult. The fact that we've been
presented why an all or nothing proposal by the developer and by the
bpa has made it difficult for folks like myself, for many of the
people that have been interested in providing resources for all of
these possible policies, have been interested in redeveloping. But
this proposal in front of us, we have no choice but to oppose this for
our parks, the green spaces and for the precedence this sets. We have
not slowed development in the city of Boston. We see it every year in
the budget process. Growth continues in the city. That's a good
thing. I don't think anyone who is talking about this development. I'd
like to talk about the fact that we're booing to be protecting the
square is important. Protecting encrotchment from additional shadows
is incredibly important. But some of the changes that have been put in
the language raise a flag for me. Quite a bit has been permitted. I
think some of these are very loose and it's worth exploring more. It
was discussed at the hearing, but I'm still unclear on what
protections are in place. If we're going to be talking about trading
shadow for shadow, that is important. I love a few blocks from the
square. It's a park that needs some tlc. Anything that we can do to
improve that is important. Let me close by saying I appreciate the
advocacy. Many of my constituents and neighbors are here today and
were hear at the hearing and the fact that while we disagree, the fact
a developer did go to every neighborhood I think every community
group, every place to answer questions. Many still disagree and I said
I will vote against it. It's not the right decision right now for our
community. I look forward to working with everyone around this chamber
and in the administration, the bra and the folks here in the gallery
to make sure we're moving in a way that will be binding for
everyone. We're going to be funding our parks and affordable housing
needs and education across the city. Thank you, Councillor
Zakim. Would anybody else like to comment? Councillor Jackson, you
have the floor. Thank you, madam president. I want to thank the maker
and I also want to thank all who actually participated in this
important conversation. I was just actually looking up -- I also want
to thank council president wu for the coordination of jazz week and
taking this vote. It's interesting that our state is called a
commonwealth. It's a traditional english term for a political
community founded for the common good. That was the actual definition
of commonwealth. I think there's a question in this vote as to whether
or not this is about the common good of the city of Boston. As
Councillor Zakim so aptly noted, every person here means well for the
city of Boston. But I believe this is a question of the soul of the
city of Boston and a soul that is actually not for sale. We should not
be having vote on the shadow at the same time as we are looking at
this project. Those should be separate and I would note that those are
-- that is the line of questioning that the council president brought
up. If we were going to change a policy, it should not be connected to
a billion dollar deal. Now, that might be okay for the bra. I'm not
part of an appointed organization. I'm not part of an organization
that's considered an authority. I'm an elected official. As elected
officials, when we're dealing with public land and a public process,
there should be pun intended no shade involved in that process. This
shadow does impact one of the most significant parks and oldest parks
in the united states of america. But the deal does add money to
something that is in my district. All of franklin park is in my
direct. Franklin park's disrepair didn't start and won't end with this
issue. And by the way, budgets work such that our mayor could have
actually put however much money he wanted into into franklin park this
year. So parks, open space, green space, affordable housing should be
an operational priority, not simply paid for by one-off deals. We need
to note, this should not be a binary decision, a yes or no. That's not
how development works. There's an opportunity here, and those who
actually work with the Boston commons didn't say they don't want
anything built. They actually said the process has gone far. Which I
can't stand here and say I'm not upset, I'm not angered and I'm not
disappointed by the misleading at-best -- I'm going to leave it there
-- misleading advice that the Boston redevelopment authority that has
been contracted to do this work on behalf of the city council, the
city of Boston and also the mayor's office and misleading us that they
were supposed to let folks know about the shadow. They were supposed
to let folks know about the f.a.a. Issues relative to building a 775
foot building when the f.a.a. Says they can't build a building over
710 feet. This is, again, the real question here isn't whether or not
we're going to help out affordable housing and many of our districts
or parks in many of our districts. The question here really is have we
gone through transparent public process for a public piece of land
that will put forward a project that would have an indelible mark on
the city of Boston. I would submit to you, madam president, no. That
has actually not occurred. Again, the bra or the bpda doesn't even
follow its own acronym. They don't plan before they develop. That's
why they should be separated. We should be planning separate from
development in the city of Boston. I would also note that this is a
contrived artificial urgency time frame. We have a chance, an
opportunity to get this right, and I would also note that there is not
-- we asked. There's not a woman or person of color that is an equity
partner in this deal. So if this is a deal of a lifetime, once in a
lifetime deal, how do we let that happen? How do we cosign on that? We
also have an organization that is promising inclusion that does not
have a record of inclusion after doing many projects downtown. As a
body, as an organization, as an elected body, I believe that this
absolutely falls short of it being on the up and up. I would also
close in noting the bra tried to get -- dispose of this property
before coming to this body. I want to give credit to Councillor
Lamattina who was the one who connected around the mou. But I would
say and the reason why I voted against that, this body was supposed to
be the one to make the decision as to whether or not anything should
have even ever gone out. Mistake after mistake, lack of transparency
after lack of transparency. This has been a search for a pot of
gold. We know how that generally ends up. I would just simply say this
is about the soul of the city of Boston. A question of is the soul of
the city of Boston the future of the city of Boston and how we leave
it for our children for sale. I will be voting no to say emphatically
that is not for sale.

Thank you, Councillor Jackson. Councillor Lamattina, you have the

Madam president. As you know, I represented that district for six
years. For six years. You remember when I represent of Boston. So
there is urgency on this. The last thing I want us to do is to delay
this process so we have another eyesore for decades. But this is a
good deal for the city of Boston. And when we went through that whole
process with the square garage, with the b.p.d. A and this place was
packed, they wanted us to get the best deal because some folks thought
these are shady deals we made at the city hall if the b.r.a. Bought
it, there would be shady deals going on. They came up with the best
deal for the city. We went through the budget process Monday. Doesn't
look good. Most of our money is coming through the state. Every year,
less and less money. I want to commend the mayor for putting more
money in the budget for parks because they are very important
particularly in the next decade when people are -- more and more
people are moving into the city. That Boston common should be the
showcase for our city of Boston. It really should. Where are we going
to get $28 million at one time to spend on Boston parks? We're not
going to see that in our lifetime. We're really not. $12 million more
a year for revenues for our city coffers, and then the construction
jobs, thousands of construction jobs. People will be working there,
spending money in downtown Boston which add more tax benefits to our
city. So this is a good deal for the city of Boston. I asked if it was
going to impact in regards to growing the grass. I'm not really upset
now because my neighbors down the street are upsetting me
everyday. But let's be serious. This is good for the city of
Boston. This will help my neighborhood who live in the most depressing
place in the city. This will help fund phase two. So poor people in
our city will have decent housing. I will sell my soul if it's going
to help poor families live in decent housing, yes. I sold my soul, all
right? I sold my soul. Guess what? I'm going to sleep better knowing
that the people in my neighborhood and the people in south Boston and
the people in chinatown, poor people will sleep in nice beds and have
a nice park one day because of the deal that we're passing today, that
we're going to vote on today, and I urge every single one of you here
to support this. Thank you all.

Thank you, Councillor Lamattina. Councillor Pressley. You have the

Mic check. Thank you. Development matters. First permanent, its
impacts are far reaching, and that is why our inboxes and this chamber
have been filled with so many people. It's been powerful and inspiring
to see the level of engagement of citizen activists, for every walk of
life weighing in on this issue. We've heard from park advocates that
care about the future of our green and open spaces, from parents who
want better homes for their families, from seniors who want to take a
walk in a park in their neighborhood. From small vendors and
contractors who see an opportunity to participate and grow with our
city. Too often, things are happening in government but people don't
feel it or see it. So often, there's growth and development in
downtown, but the neighborhoods don't see or feel the benefit. This is
a rare opportunity to rebuild affordable housing and to make some of
our parks more safe, connected, accessible and user friendly. And
always at the fore in my mind as we wrestle to address this persistent
and nagging wealth gap, what is the opportunity for full inclusion and
participation? For the first time ever we have clear goals for hiring
mbes in the construction and permanent phase. These mbe goals are long
overdue and a step in the right direction. They're not the end-all
be-all. We still have a lot more work to do, but I want to make sure
that we reach these goals. We all agree that's a measure to get it
done, and that is why I successfully negotiated with millenia,
quarterly reporting instead of the annual reporting which was
originally agreed to. This will hold us all accountable. It allows to
recalibrate in real time. Now we have a new model, a measurable mbe
model in the recent passport omni hotel project, and this is an
opportunity to replicate that in the document and that is why I
support the home rule. The challenge is not to have the aspirations
for an entire city hinged on one project. When everyone leaves this
chamber, we'll still have to deal with real and complex problems. This
is not a period, full stop. This is a comma. We still have to identify
sustainable revenue for our entire park systems. We still have to use
what we learn from mbe data to recalibrate in realtime and to develop
baseline for future development. You know, I found that urgency is
crystallized in these moment, and so often we go on to the next thing,
back to our own side, and we forget about the disparity and the
divides that were highlighted in that moment in the first place and
exacerbated. It seems we are collectively facing these challenges one
vote at a time and becoming increasingly more polarized. And if we're
learned nothing from this last election cycle, the silo of
self-righteous indignation do not advance our society. We are facing
these challenges as a city, it seems, one vote at a time, but it seems
to me that all of us and to the advocates, to the representatives of
the city, I am for you, but the real work falls in between these
votes. And let's get to it. This is just a comma. Thank you.

Thank you, Councillor Pressley. Councillor Campbell, you have the

Thank you, madam president. So I'm a district councillor. I'm a
district Councillor First and, as I explained at the hearing, the over
five-hour hearing that we held, my constituents in d4 see this as an
equity issue. The number one concern we hear from district 4 residents
is that we don't get what the residents in west Roxbury, jamaica
plain, beacon hill, the south end, back bay, what they get, what they
get for their parks, what they get for their schools, what they get
for their housing stock, what they get for their streets, what they
get for their economic business district. As a result, many of my
district 4 residents have e-mailed, they have called, particularly in
the last few weeks, to express their support. There have been also
been residents who have expressed opposition, but the majority have
expressed their support, and when you add the fact that we have
promised and guaranteed funding for parks and projects within their
neighborhood, they are even more inclined to support the home rule
petition. Thus as a district councillor, it is extremely difficult for
me to vote no. I recognize this is not a black and white issue. It's a
complex issue. Ist an issue that frankly started before I joined the
council, and I recognize there are pieces of the process that I think
broke down in many ways. One thing I did hear at that hearing was a
deep concern and the deep frustration that residents, particularly
those who live in Councillor Zakim's district, expressed about the
flawed process. I am a huge proponent of open and transparent
processes, processes that involve all stakeholders, all residents
including those in my neighborhood being a part of conversations prior
to when decisions are made. I think, when we do that, we avoid where
we are now, which is neighborhoods against neighborhoods. In echoing
Councillor Zakim, pitting districts against other districts, district
residents versus those who live downtown, us versus them. It's created
an equity issue that may have been avoided if we had a more robust and
open process in the beginning. I pride myself and my team as well as a
Councillor Who looks to bring together residents from all parts of my
district, and I have, for example, ashmont hill juxtaposed to
residents who live across washington street in codman square who
sometimes have very different kerns when it comes to their
neighborhood, but we pride ourselves in bringing folks together in
those neighborhoods at the beginning of conversations and then rolling
out policy. I recognize there were some decisions made with respect to
this proposal that were made behind closed doors. Some of the
guarantees of funding for franklin park or certain housing authorities
may have happened not in the open process, so my resident would have
received this information after the fact. I think the equity issue
could have been avoided if we had a conversation at the beginning with
every single stakeholder including those residents that live near
franklin park and other neighborhoods apart from those conversations
at the very beginning. If my residents were sitting down with
residents in downtown who had kerns about the shadow in Boston park
and had an opportunity to engage with one another, but that's
obviously the past. Moving forward, I think we as a city can do a
better job when it comes to process. But like I've articulated, it's
extremely difficult for me as a district Councillor To vote know given
the majority of supportive heard from my district residents as well as
the guarantee made by the developer to my constituents for particular
purposes. I will say the issue of equity and the issue that my
constituents raise in terms of their frustration and sometimes it is
anger and sometimes very much resentment about their neighborhoods
having underinvested, their neighborhoods being overlooked, those are
legitimate concerns. Those are concerns every single resident in the
city of Boston should take to heart. Like I said at the hearing, if
you spent time in some of the housing authorities within district 4,
particularly franklin field, which has been underinvested and
underresourced for a very long time, it changes your mind and
perspective on what it means to be a resident and what it means to
have empathy and compassion for residents who live in other
neighborhoods in the city of Boston. I hope this will be a learning
lesson for all of us to actually engage one another early on, to
engage each other not in a superficial way but in a really
comprehensive and impassioned way to really address these issues. We
have a $3.14 billion budget. There is no neighborhood in the city of
Boston that should go under resource for such a long time. Sometimes
it is about priorities. I do understand we're seeing a lot of money
from the federal government dry up. I do understand that we're seeing
stagnant state aid. But at the same time, with such a large budget, I
think there are choices we have to maifnlgt there are priorities that
have to be shifted around for the benefit of those neighborhoods,
particularly those neighborhoods that have been underresourced and
underinvested for a long time, and I think that's a task we all have
to take part in. So this is, like I said, not a black and white
issue. Ates complex issue, but it's one that I've thought about deeply
and I wanted residents, particularly Councillor Zakim who covers the
park, to know that I thought about deeply. But I will be voting yes
because that's what the majority of my residents wasn't to see, but I
hope that as a city we do a better job going forward when it comes to
processes, open and transparent processes and recognize that we
sometimes make mistakes. We all know we should take responsibility and
do better going forward. Thank you, madam president.

Thank you Councillor Campbell. Councillor O'Malley. You have the

Thank you, madam president. I would put my environmental bona fides
and park advocacy up against anyone. I take pride in it. It's for that
reason I'm supporting this home rule petition. I wanted to begin by
acknowledging the incredible regard and respect I have for Councillor
Josh zakim. I want to make sure you know I understand where you are
coming from and your leadership tore for your districts. I appreciate
everyone's perspective and want to address what I think the three
biggest concerns, are the impact, process and the precedent. There is
no doubt this will have an impact, vis-a-vis it will create more
shadows on the Boston common and public garden. These won't be the
first or last shadows of the day. It will be in two thirds of the year
in the public garden one-third of the year. Individual shadow studies
have been done which pretty much both sides will agree are both
realistic predictions of what's to come. If you notice the impact,
while there isn't large and will not affect the flora that lives
there. As Councillor Linehan mentioned, the fact that this will get
rid of the remainder of the shadow bank for the common which is a
tradeoff that makes sense besides the money. The second is the
process. I think we need to be clear this body authorize the
b.p.d.a. To get us the best deal sz and I think that's what they
did. There's always room for improvement. We ask the bapped to get us
the best deal and they did. The winthrop city garage was a general
resource that generated little revenue, fell into disrepair and the
city had the to condemn it. Other than city hall plaza, there is no
other comparable situation, so to suggest this is going to open a
pandora's box I don't think is actually a fair assumption of what's to
come. Moreover, I think that it's a dangerous position if this body
were to prevent some worth while goal because of some hypothetical
situation down the line. That's how I feel about concerns raised
bioponents. Now we need to talk about benefits because the housing
piece is absolutely crucial. What this will do for Boston and
chinatown and east Boston will be transformational for so many
people. That in itself is a compelling reason. We add that to focus on
the parks not only the common which could desperately use the $25
million and that will be transformative for our part, far outweighs
the costs that come with it, but also completing the emerald necklace
in franklin park. $25 million for franklin park will be amazing. Today
is the 195th birthday of frederic olmstead who developed the parks and
so much of what we love about this city. I think this investment will
not only complete the emerald necklace, will be transformative for the
park, the Boston common and public garden, the best way to celebrate
frederic's 195th birthday today. We will never see a project that will
have this much impact in so many aspects of so many neighborhoods of
Boston, I will be voting yes and usual you to do the same.

Thank you, Councillor O'Malley. I see no further signals to speak so
if the chair could clarify, we just want complete clarity because
there were some edits between the original home rule language and
what's being voted on today.

I'll read section 7 and 8 in entirety. Section 7, as used in section 7
and 8, the following words she have the following meanings. Out of the
48, article 48 of the zoning code as it existed on March 31, 2017. New
shadow. New shadow, the casting of a shadow at anytime on an area
which is not cast in shadow at such time by a structure which exists
on or by which a building permit, a local zoning entitlements through
the zoning board of appeal, Boston zoning commission have been granted
upon the date upon which application is made to the permit granting
authority for a proposed structure in which would not be cast in
shadow by a structure conforming to as of right height limits allowed
by the Boston zoning code as in force on March 31, 2017. New shadow
shall not include a deminimis shadow cast by antenna, fence, flag
pole, sign or other similar structure. Copley square park, the land in
the city of Boston and under the care, custody, management and control
of the city's park and recreation commission excluding land occupied
by trinity church. Section 8 in its entirety, notwithstanding any
provisions of chapter 121a or b of the general laws or chapter 665 of
the acts of 1956 or any general or special law to the contrary. No
permit granting authority shall take any action which would authorize
the construction of any structure within stewart street district
established by article 48 which would cast a new shadow for more than
two hours from 8:00 in the morning to 2:30 in the afternoon on any day
from March 21 to October 21, inclusive in any calendar year on any
area or property square park provided however that the provisions of
this section shall not apply to the actions authorizing any structure
that has received local zoning entitlements through the zoning board
of appeal or by virtue of being included in the development plan or
planned development area master plan within stewart street district,
all as approved on or before March 31, 2017, at a zoning commission in
accordance with chapter 600, 65 of the acts of 1956. As such board of
appeal relief or development plan may thereafter be amended provided
however that such amendment shall not permit construction of a
structure which will cast additional new shadow as defined in section
7 of this act were more than two hours aforesaid. So those are the
changes to the home rule petition which is why the recommendation is
to pass in a new draft. Those were changes to article section 7 and
8. Thank you, madam president.

Thank you, Councillor Flaherty. If I'm correct basically to translate
and summarize, there were some two minor formalities correcting the
language and the most substantive was to add the second half of
section 8 which you read which is to specify and clarify that projects
near copley square who have gone through the zoning board of appeals
received said approvals but have not yet received all permits for
construction will not be affected by this, essentially are
grandfathered in. Is that correct? Thank you. At this time then
Councillor Flaherty moves for passage of Docket 0566 in a new
draft. (voting) the ayes have it. Madam clerk could you please call
the role on Docket 0566.

Docket 0566, Councillor Baker, yes. Councillor Campbell,
yes. Councillor Ciommo, yes. Councillor Essaibi-george,
yes. Councillor Flaherty, yes. Councillor Jackson, no. Councillor
Lamattina, yes. Councillor Linehan, yes. Councillor Mccarthy,
yes. Councillor O'Malley, yes. Councillor Pressley, yes. Councillor
Wu, no. And Councillor Zakim, no. Madam president.

Thank you madam clerk. Docket 0566 has been passed in a new draft with
a 10 to 3 vote. Moving on, again, we have several recently heard
budget items. Flashing if you could read 0550 through 0559. Docket
Number 0550. Message for schools revolving funds for fiscal year 2018
to support maintenance repair for b.p.s. Facilities including
custodial and utility costs for extending building time for
refinishing landscaping and building repairs, receipt from lease and
permit use and packing fees for b.p.s. Facilities to be deposited in
the fund. B.p.s. Will be the only unit authorized to expend from the
fund and such expenditures shall not exceed $2,600,000. Docket 0551
message authorizing a limit for the Boston public schools revolving
fund for fiscal year 2018 to repair and purchase Boston public schools
computer technology including computers, mobile devices and
instructional services. This revolving fund shall be credited with any
and all receipts from the equipment, sale and repair fees for the
Boston public schools technology. Receipts and resulting expenditures
from this fund shall not exceed $1,500,000. Docket Number 0552,
message and order authorizing a limit for the Boston public schools
revolving fund for fiscal year 2018, for Boston public schools
transportation costs include, Boston public transportation costs. This
revolving fund shall be credited with revenue received by Boston
public schools department for the provision of transportation for
groups and entities for field trips and activities and other
transportation to and from school. Receipts and resulting expenditures
from this fund shall not exceed $125,000.

Docket Number 0559, message and order authorizing a limit for the
Boston public schools revolving fund for fiscal year 2017, to support
the maintenance and repair for b.p.s. Facilities including custodial
and utility costs for extended building time, floor refinishing,
landscaping and building repairs. Receipts from lease and permits used
and parking fees for b.p.s. Facilities will be deposited into the
fund. B.p.s. Will be the only unit authorized to extend from the fund,
and such expenditures shall not exceed $2,600,000.

Thank you, dockets 0550, 0551, 0552 and 0559 will remain in the
committee on the waysen ways and means.

0598, community choice aggregation in the city of Boston.

Chair recognizes the chair of the committee on environment and
sustainability Councillor O'Malley.

Thank you, madam president. Yesterday we had a, I think, tremendously
impressive and impactful working session on an ordinance you and I
introduced seeking to create community aggregation choice in the city
of Boston. This is done throughout the commonwealth, several other
cities throughout the country have done it and it is a result of
deregulation of facilities, allows cities to purchase bulk electricity
and have it delivered to their residents. It's a wonky
situation. There will be no impactive change, almost no impactive
change to the rate payers, in our case ever source or the former end
star will be delivering it, but will allow us to increase the number
of renewable energy sources that we use. Right now it's about
11.5%. Other cities have gone up to 15, 20. Brook line is looking at
going to 25%. So it's a working session, though in this chamber. We
will continue this conversation. We're not looking for action now, but
I wanted to publicly thank the council president for her partnership
on this. We have been at the meeting with utility companies. We've met
with the attorney general's office. We'll continue to have meetings
with different advocate groups. A pact hearing, a lot of interest. I
think it's something we cannot only lessen our carbon footprint by
increasing our renewable energy sources but also protect the rate
payer. As I have said time and time again, being a good
environmentalist is also about being a good steward of taxpayer money
and, oftentimes, environmental initiatives benefit the taxpayer. This
is one case where it does in many cases. You've seen melrose increase
their renewable resources considerably by 40% which is only about 5%
on top of 40%, while their rates are going down as well. Stay
tuned. We'll continue to work with this and the relevant stakeholders
going foampletd this is a good tonight for Boston to lead when it
comes to providing leadership with climate change and making sure we
have consume protection as well.

Docket 0198 will remain in the committee on environment and
sustainability. Before reproceed, madam clerk, Councillor Flaherty is

I would like to move for consideration through you to the rest of the
body on 0157. It came up quicker than expected. I needed an
opportunity to confer with the Councillor Budget director and staff
attorney on that matter but would like to revisit that.

Any objection? No. Okay. Docket Number 0517 now back before the
council, madam clerk. Do you need to read that back into the record?
If you could, please.

Docket 5017, the committee on foft operations to which was referred to
April 5, 2017, order approving a petition for special law regarding an
act relatively to the ownership and occupancy deadline for residential
property exemptions in the city of Boston, submit to report
recommending home rule petition.

Thank you, madam clerk and madam president. This was sponsored by mark
ciommo referred to the committee on April 5. A home rule petition to
allow taxpayers to retain principal residence after January 1 and
before July 1 to receive the residential exemption for the transfer
year as opposed to wait ago year and a half in order to receive the
residential exemption. We held the hearing, the commissioner of the
assessing department offered testimony in support of the proposal, he
explained that under the current law the qualification date for the
residential exemption is January 1 which is actually before the start
of the fiscal year. He also had explained the proposal would also
amend state law to allow those that purchased homes between January 2
and July 1 to be able to apply for the residential exemption. At this
time, I'm recommending that the matter ought to pass but would like an
opportunity through the chair to allow Councillor Ciommo lead sponsor
to give us his comment.

Councillor Ciommo, you have the floor.

Thank you, madam president. Thank you chairman flaherty for the
hearing and I want to thank christine o'donnell and commissioner
rackow who worked with me and my staff to draft this. As Councillor
Flairt explained this doctor would eliminate the chance of an 18-month
wait time to receive the benefit of a residential exemption. It will
encourage homeownership and provide assistance to new homeowners by
allowing them to receive the residential exemption earlier. Docket
0517 will balance the interest of new homeowners while still
preserving the January 1 income tax date and residency qualification
for all other homeowners. Current law section 5c of chapter 59 of the
general laws provides for residential exemption force qualified
homeowners. Under current law, a new home owner who purchases a
property for example on January 2 must wait a year and a half before
being eligible to take the exemption which is burdensome to new
homeowners and family. Last year the value of the residential
exemptions for class one residential properties which with includes
one to six-family owner-occupied homes -- I want to make that clear,
some of the press gets that wrong, they think it's a single family --
one- to six-family owner/occupants get a $2,132.90 tax exemption
dollar for dollar. It close a loophole that blocks homeowners from
accessing the significant savings. I asked my colleagues. I don't
think this is as controversial as the last last docket so I ask for
your support. Thank you.

Thank you Councillor Ciommo. Councillor Linehan, you have the floor.

Thank you madam president, I rise to commend the author. This is
something that's long overdue. This particular request from
constituents who had bought homes or sold them and then bought others
has been coming down the pike for my ten years on the city council. So
this can make an enormous impact on someone who just took the time and
found the ability to buy a home and could save them, you know, $1,000
that could be used for much better purposes. So thank you, Councillor
Ciommo. And I will be supporting.

Thank you, Councillor Linehan. At this time Councillor Flaherty moves
for acceptance of the committee report and passage of Docket
0517. (voting) the ayes have it, Docket 0517 has passed. I wanted to
thank you central staff for reminding me. I stated Docket 0544 would
remain in the ways and means committee with a block of others but that
one is jointly aside to ways and means and government operations. So
just to be 100% clear, it should remain jointly in the committee on
ways and means and government operations. Thank you. On to motions
orders and resolutions.

Octo0606. Councillor Jackson offered the following order requesting
concern information under section 17l: all financial records of legal
fees, interest paid, and court awards owed or paid by the city
regarding discrimination suits filed against the city of Boston and
its treasury department between January 1, 2011 and April 26, 2017.

Councillor Jackson, you have the floor.

Thank you, madam president. Sadly, the treasury department actually
lost a discrimination lawsuit to the tune of $13 million, and I think
it's critical that we have an understanding of the legal fees
associated with this and, sadly, as the corporation council is
actually fighting the individual who works in that department in court
with an appeal around it. I think it's critical that we have an
understanding of the financial framework, the dollars being ex penned
on our behalf, after there has been a judgment and whether or not --
and hopefully we'll get to the bottom of whether or not things
actually changed in that department. It is critical this body looks at
the finances but also the conditions in which people work in the city
of Boston. It is, to me, very scary to think that an individual
continues to work in h the same environment, and I would like to know
as much as possible about that, but I also want to know how much in
dollars and cents this has cost the city of Boston and how much
current litigation is actually costing us as we actually deny one of
the city employees who has actually won in court a judgment -- their
actual judgment. Thank you so much, madam president.

Thank you, Councillor Jackson. So you are seeking action on this
today, correct? Okay. Councillor Jackson moves for suspension of the
rules and panels of Docket 0606. (voting) Docket 0606 has been passed.

Docket 0607. Councillors o'malley and mccarthy offered the following
order for a hearing on reestablishing the Boston youth cleanup
campaign bycc program.

Councillor O'Malley, you have the floor.

Thank you, madam president. I may be showing my age a little bit. For
a long time I was the youngest councillor. Now at least three of you
are younger than me. But I have such fond memories of the bycc
program, the Boston youth cleanup program, commonly known as the red
shirts. Many, many of my friendser are participants of the red shirts
in the late 1990s as a teenager. I wasn't. I had a summer job during
the summers of those years working in what is now Councillor
Campbell's office, Councillor Peggy davis mullins' office was my
summer job during the day. Councillor Mccarthy my co-sponsor played an
outside role in working for mayor menino and oversaw this
program. This was a tremendous program for many years, originally
started by mayor flynn in the late '80s, lasted till 2002 until budget
constraints. The red shirts later became the grey shirts. My chief of
staff bill mcgregor was a red shirt. He still has it. I couldn't get
him to wear it today. His high school shirt still fits him. It
wouldn't be the case for me. The program was helping kids with a
summer job, cleaning up on parks or playgrounds or senior areas and
was a worthwhile aspect of our youth summer job program, and I think
now is the opportunity that we ought to bring it back, we ought to
really encourage a vocational technical aspect to it as well, working
with some of our nonprofit partners, chiefly harvard university and
the arnold arboretum between district 5 and district 6. This should
bpt the only summer jobs. We want to have a vast array of different
offerings. I think this could be one aspect that we're really
missing. I'd like to see this paired with not only commissioner cook
in the parks and recreation department. I think we have an opportunity
to pilot it. I would love to see it happen this year. Offer some kids
an opportunity to learn something, learn a new trade, work with some
of our great city workers, make a little extra money and give back to
the city. The second aspect that I think we should have when we hold
our hearing and hope we'll have an expedited hearing on this is about
possibly extending it in some capacity to the winter months to help
with snow removal and cleanup. I think we have a great opportunity to
bring a project that works well, to bring it back, will be
tremendously impact aful to young bostonians. I want to thank
Councillor Mccarthyy. He and I have been band I didn't think this
about for quite some time. He is the expert and always great to
partner with this on you.

Councillor Mccarthy. I never thought we would talk about red shirts
again. When I started with the red shirts, I had a shirt and on the
left chest it said amond l. Flynn, mayor. And billy probably worked
for me. If you were working in the late '90s, wow you have worked for
me as well. The red shirts were a great program. The grey shirts, we
turned it into, as matt said, due the to budget constraints. We
focused a lot on the community-based organizations. Back in the day we
had a winter work program and I know councillors in this chamber at
that time utilized the program, they worked out of local cbos where
ten to 15 kids would report when it snowed and school was
canceled. It's a phenomenal program we can struch throughout the year,
and I couldn't agree with Councillor O'Malley more. I appreciate the
fact he reached out to me for this. I'm looking forward to it. It was
a program that I enjoyed for nine summers, ten years, and I think just
about everybody in Boston, in that age group worked for the red
shirts, worked for a cbo site, a ymca boys and girls club, and I think
it was such an imperative program, when we started the Boston miracle
and kids were working, and I know there is a certain clerk here who
used to call me all the time and say things like, don't tell the other
side of the fifth floor that this person missed the hope line, and we
would take care of business, so it's all good. But I'm looking forward
to -- I'm look forward to a new day with the red shirts and giving you
the opportunity and I hope everybody jumps in.

Thank you, Councillor Mccarthy. Councillor Linehan, you have the

Thank you, madam president. And I want to thank both the co-sponsors
for this order. I think it's something long overdue. It's something
that is truly part of Boston and, because I am the dean of the
delegation here, I actually hired tim when he got his first red shirt
job. It was mayor flynn, too. And just a quick little history, the
first summer jobs program for the tye city was a federally-funded sort
of program, and there were only 300 youth who met for the job. Mayor
flynn decided this is such a good idea, we need to expand that, and it
was paramount we expand it by 100 kids, then to 500, then to 1,000,
and today it's 5,000. But what has gotten lost is that they used to be
city kids working in a program that's run by city staff, and they'd go
out and, in effect, certain areas throughout all the neighborhoods in
the city. Everybody now who works for the youth fund is associated
with a not for profit. We've lost that little independence, that pot
where they actually went out and served the public directly on behalf
of the city. Somehow, it gets lost. So not only is it a great example,
but it was a great indoctrination for every young person and, back
then, it was 14 years old you could go to work and hook up and be part
of the city of Boston, and that meant a lot to a lot of young people,
it meant a lot to me back then to be part of that, and I think you
guys are right on time. Thank you very much. And please sign my name.

Thank you, Councillor Linehan. Madam clerk, please add Councillor
Linehan, waker, ciommo, essaibi-george, lamattina, pressley, zakim,
the chair's name. Councillor Particularitiy, you have the floor.

Rise to have my name added. I remember the red shirts. I also remember
the green shirts. I don't know what happened to the green
shirts. Nothing against the color grey, but a great program. I want to
make sure through the makers if they consider bumping the age to 19,
maybe 20. I think this is a great pathway to public works, to the
parksen rec department, to code enforcement. While all these kids take
advantage of a nice summer job, a lieutenant of kids may be aged out
of school, don't have a career path or opportunity, but if they do a
great job in this program, they could be tapped for one of our city
departments. So, again, I sign on to add support and look forward to
the hearing and we would like to see you consider moving the age a
little bit deeper. So thank you.

Madam clerk add Councillor Flaherty's name. Councillor Jackson, you
have the floor.

Thank you so much, sir. I had no idea I may have worked for both bill
and tim. You owe me money, that's all I have to say. (laughter) I do
want to note and agree with Councillor Flaherty we know we actually
have young people in the Boston public schools to age 22, and
Councillor Pressley has done some work around and showing that people
have an exit into the workplace and jobs, so I think we should
actually be thinking about aligning it with the Boston public
schools. We all remember our first job and we all remember our first
check and we also remember the disappointment when we saw that the top
number was not the actual number and it was actually the bottom
number. And one of the things this does and I think we should be
looking forward to is full employment for every single person who
needs a job. If we're having conversations about stopping violence, if
we're having conversations in the city about preparing young people
for the future and future leaders, this is the way to do it, and I
want to just give kudos to Councillor O'Malley and Councillor
Mccarthy. I think it was probably even last week, remember the red
shirts. Everyone could get a gig. And what we did see, and this is
also connected, there was a time when violence went down. Right? And
that was connected to young people having jobs. And I actually know
some friends who stopped doing what they were doing and took this
competitive rate and put down what they were doing. This serves as an
alternative and also it gives you accountability, and we also know
that the earlier we begin to work, the less likely over the course
offour lifetime that we are to be unemployed. So I think there's
another component here that really supercharges young people into our
workforce. I think this is the least that we can do and, for the funds
that we have, this is a great use of funding. And I hope and I
appreciate the timing of it, I hope that we can axe ally see a
reflection of this in this year's budget, and I know Councillor
O'Malley has always -- always looks at the calendar. I think the
timing is absolutely perfect, and we should see funds and full funding
for youth summer jobs as well as jobs throughout the year. That is a
critical component to making the city safer, the city better prepared
and the future of Boston better. Thank you so much. Please add my
name, madam president.

Thank you, Councillor Jackson. Madam clerk, please add Councillor
Jackson's name. Councillor Baker, you have the floor.

No, I just wanted to sign on. Okay. Thank you. Docket Number 0607 will
be assigned to the committee on city and neighborhood services and
veterans affairs. Personal orders.

Docket Number 0608, Councillor Wu for Councillor Baker.

Councillor Baker moves for suspension and panels of Docket
0608. (voting) ayes have it. Docket 0608 has been passed.

Docket 0609, Councillor With you for Councillor Baker.

Most for suspension and passage of Docket 0609. (voting) ayesy it,
Docket 0609 has been passed. I am informed by the clerk there are four
late file matters all personnel in nature. In the absence of
objection, we add them to the agenda. Hearing none, madam clerk, if
you could read the first matter.

Thank you, madam president. Crs r Councillor Michelle wu for
Councillor Lamattina.

Councillor Lamattina moves for suspension and passage of the first
late file. (voting) the ayes have it. First late file matter has been

Councillor Michelle wu for Councillor Lamattina.

Councillor Lamattina moves for suspension and passage of the second
late file matter. (voting) Councillor O'Malley has it and second late
file matter has been passed.

Councillor Wu for Councillor Lamattina --

Councillor Lamattina moves for suspension and passage to have the
third late file matter. (voting) ayes have it, third late file matter
has been passed.

Councillor Wu ordered that effective --

Chair moves for suspension and passage of the fourth late file
matter. (voting) the ayes have it, the fourth late file matter has
been passed. There are also fourth late file matters for the consent
agenda which will be added absent objection. Hearing none, chair moves
adoption of the consent agenda. (voting) the ayes have it, the consent
agenda is adopted. We'll pause for any statements or announcements to
the group. Former cannels president reminds me I breezed by the green
sheets. Would anyone like to pull a matter from the green sheets?
Okay. Then if all councillors and guests could please rise. Today, we
will adjourn our city council meeting in memory of the following
individuals: for Councillor Baker, millida costa. For councillors
baker and essaibi-george, william lynch. For Councillor Ciommo, george
exiotis, frances t griffin, rooney and denada sako. For councillors
flaherty and linehan, sean m. Thomas. For Councillor Lamattina, john
a.davido and jean marie patrillo. For Councillor O'Malley, marlin
larosa. For Councillor Mccarthy, irene, nancy larson, tournas and
ignacios. And for the chair, claire smith. A moment over-- a moment of
silence, please.

[ moment of silence ]

Thank you. Chair moves that when the council adjourns today we do so
in memory of the aforementioned individuals. We're scheduled to meet
again Wednesday May 3 at 12 noon. All in favor of adjournment say
aye. Any opposed say nay. Ayes have it, council is adjourned.

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